Three Mistakes You Don'T Want To Make When Moving With Kids


Packing up and moving to a new home is never easy. It becomes even more of a challenge when you're trying to do it with little ones in tow. To make sure you don't lose your sanity (or forget something important because you're trying to feed your baby with one arm while making sure the toddler doesn't run off), work to avoid these common mistakes when moving with kids.

Mistake #1: Not telling the kids you're moving early enough.

Obviously if your child is only one or two, the idea that you're moving means little to them. But for children who are elementary school age or older, it's a good idea to give them as much notice about the move as possible. This lets them say goodbye to friends and come to terms with what moving might mean before you're asking them to pack their things in boxes and adapt to a new city.

Mistake #2: Not letting them help.

Kids often fare better if they're allowed to participate in the moving process. By packing and planning together and including them in this process, you make them feel like moving is something you're doing together as a family – not a change that's being thrust upon them. So while it may be tempting to ship the kids off to Grandma's while you pack up their clothing, it really is best to let them engage in the process with you. Give them small tasks to tackle, such as packing up their clothes or wrapping mugs in tissue paper.

Mistake #3: Not allowing enough time.

Packing and moving in two or three days might work if you're a young, energetic couple with no kids – but it's just not feasible with a family. Start packing and preparing for your move a few weeks in advance so you don't tire yourself out. You'll have an easier time dealing with situations that arise if you're well rested, rather than physically exhausted from attempting to move too quickly. Don't be afraid to hire a moving company like Mountain Moving Systems to help with loading, transporting, and unloading items as needed. It's hard to safely pack a moving truck with kids underfoot.

If you approach it in the right way, moving can be an endeavor that draws your family closer together. Above all else, remember to plan ahead, take things slowly, and include your kids in the moving process from the get-go.


27 October 2016

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