4 Tremendously-Helpful Tips And Tricks For Moving


It's always a hassle to get more packing supplies during a move. It's stressful, hectic, and practically a game of Russian-Roulette. Dishes will break, socks will be lost, and some surviving items will just never be the same afterwards, for one reason or another. However, with some simple tips and tricks, moving day doesn't have to be nearly as stressful. You'd be surprised by just how much the following four tips can help! 

Wrap Fragile Items in Your Clothes

Packing glass items and fine china into soft clothing will help stretch your likely limited supply of bubble wrap, as well as allow you to pack more efficiently. Less disposable padding means less wasted space, and ultimately fewer boxes! The variety of household items that can be packed like this is surprisingly large. You can pack larger things like pyrex casserole dishes into shirts and hoodies, and anything from prescription glasses to wine glasses into socks. In addition to wrapping with clothing, be sure to pack any flat, brittle items such as plates and framed pictures vertically. This will drastically reduce the chances of it breaking. 

Label Everything

Be sure to label the outside of the box with the intended room, rather than just the owner's name or the contents.

Cellophane and Cotton Goes a Long Way

Put Toiletries into plastic bags—or better yet, remove the tops and place cellophane wrap over the openings before reattaching the caps again. Either will go a long way to prevent lotion or expensive perfumes from drenching every other item in the box.

With Dry makeup, place some cotton pads in top to help keep them from shattering or otherwise getting pulverized during the move.

For furniture, be sure to buy some new rolls of clear wrap. You can keep drawers intact by wrapping them with generous amounts of clear wrap. It also works well to reduce dings, nicks, and other damages to the finishes on your furniture.

For Small Things, Sandwich Bags and Tape Are Incredible

For small items like screws and bolts, stick it all to a strip of packaging tape, fold over, and simply stick into a sandwich bag. Be sure to label what it's for!

Hopefully these tips and tricks will prove to be of great use to you on your moving day. For more tips and ideas, you can work with an experienced moving company like DJ's Moving & Logistics.


10 September 2015

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