Moving To College: 4 Things That You May Not Have Thought Of


Heading off to college for the first time this fall? If so, move-in day can be pretty hectic, so it helps to be prepared with a few valuable pieces of information and tips. Read on to learn more.

1. Know Ahead of Time What's Supplied.

Some dorm rooms will provide a mini refrigerator or a microwave, so these are things that you won't have to worry about taking with you. Are there going to be cable hook-ups? If not, you may not necessarily be interested in taking a television with you. After all, you can watch DVDs or stream videos on your computer. By checking to see what is available and supplied by the college ahead of time, you can avoid wasting packing space.

2. Wait to Buy Anything Until You've Moved In.

You may be inclined to start buying items for your dorm room, but it is important that you hold off on doing so. This is for several reasons. One reason is that you don't know your roommate's personality. While you may love the color pink, your roommate could despise the color. While there should be a certain level of compromise, you need to wait until you get there so that you and your roommate don't start off on the wrong foot. In addition, your roommate may bring things that you just recently purchased, such as an extra trash can, which means you sort of wasted your money and your time.

3. Make Sure to Pack a Fan.

The ending of summer is one of the hottest parts of the year. You are going to be hauling heavy stuff up and down the stairs and to and from your dorm room and vehicle, so you're going to sweat some bullets. Dorm rooms may have air conditioners, but they may not be cool enough. This is particularly true when there are going to be so many students in and out of the building and constantly moving up and down the hallways. A fan can help keep you and your room cool.

4. Consider Bring Your Own Mattress or Topper.

If you aren't too crazy about the idea of sleeping on a mattress that other students have previously slept on, you may want to consider bringing a mattress or topper, such as an egg carton or memory foam topper. If you plan on bringing your own mattress, you may want to get in touch with the school ahead of time to let them know since they'll need to remove the old mattress. Alternatively, you can just place yours on top of the one in the dorm room.

If you plan on taking a lot of your own stuff to college with you, then you may want to consider renting a moving truck; you can click here for more info. This is true for short or long distances, as it can often make things easier on you.


10 August 2015

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