Settling Fido Into A New Home: 3 Ways To Make The Move Easier


Due to the numerous opportunities opening up in different provinces, more and more Canadians are moving to advance their career. In 2013, more than 300,000 Canadians migrated from one province to another with that sole purpose in mind. If you think moving is stressful, you won't be able to imagine how traumatic the event is for your dogs. Not only do they need to get accustomed to a new environment, but they also need to deal with the huge changes being made around their home. If you want to help ease the transition, here are 3 suggestions.

Keep Your Dogs in a Familiar Room with the Door Closed

It's easy for your dogs to become startled by all of the movers and feel anxious seeing all of the cardboard boxes scattered around. To keep them at ease, make sure you confine them in a familiar room with their favorite toys, blankets and even treats. Keep the door closed to prevent them from running out if they become frightened.

Pack Their Favorite Toys, Essentials and Blankets Separately in a Carried Bag

If you're planning on driving from your province to another and will be keeping your dogs in the car with you, pack their favorite toys, essentials and blankets to keep them occupied and distracted. A long car ride can be stressful, and having a toy around can be quite effective and efficient in relieving stress.

Keep their essentials, like a container filled with kibbles and a water bowl, in the bag with you, especially if you plan on travelling long distance.

Put Dog Beds and Other Supplies at the Back of the Truck for Easy Access

If you're going to be packing up the bedding, the pet first-aid kit, dog food and other supplies in cardboard boxes or containers, double check that you are putting these items at the back of the moving truck where you can easily access them. You should unpack these boxes first to get your dogs settled into the new home. Once again, it's best to keep your dogs in a separate room with familiar toys, items and blankets while you unpack to alleviate stress.


If you're planning on moving with your dogs, find a local moving company with some experience in this area. It's important the movers know how to handle and interact with your dogs to keep them at ease. One moving company in your area you can contact is Right Move Moving & Storage in Edmonton.


16 July 2015

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