Before You Start Calling Moving Companies, Make Sure You Know What Type You Need


"Moving companies" is often used as a generic term to refer to all businesses that participate in the act of moving people's belongings from one place to another. However, there are actually a wide variety of different types of moving companies. Before you start calling around, make sure you know what type of moving company you need to talk to. You'll save yourself a lot of time by calling the right type of company.

Moving Internationally

If you are planning on moving internationally, there are two types of moving companies that you can work with. You can work with either a freight mover or an international moving company.

  • Freight Moving: Generally, if you choose to ship your belongings through a freight moving company, you are going to have to pack up your belongings on your own and get them to the freight shipping facilities. 
    Once your belongings are at the freight shipping facility, they will pack your belongings onto a freight and will take care of all of the international shipping paperwork. When your belongings reach their destination, you will be responsible for transporting them from the freight facilities in your new country to your new home.
  • International Movers: If you work with a company that specializes in international moves, they should do all of the legwork for you. You should be able to customize your moving experience to fit your needs. An international moving company can arrange for assistance with packing up your home, and will transport your belongings from your old home to your new home. You will not have to pick your belongings up at any facilities; everything should be taken care of for you.

Interstate Moving

If you plan to move to a new state, you are going to need to hire a moving company that specializes in long distance moves. Once again, the type of moving company can vary.

You may be able to hire a moving company that will do the whole package – pack up your house, move your belongings out, and deliver them to your new address on a specific date.

If you want to pack up your own items, most interstate moving companies will allow you to pack up your own belongings. They can then pick up the boxes and other items at your house, or you can bring them to their shipping facility. This option can save you a little money, but will require more effort on your part.

Moving Your Vehicle

If you need to have your vehicle transported to your new home, you are going to need to deal with an auto transport moving company. These types of companies specialize in international as well as interstate moves, and will be able to safely transport your vehicle. Generally, these types of services are provided by different companies than your traditional home moving company.

Moving Locally

If you are moving locally, you will have a wide variety of options available to you. You can hire:

  • Full Service Local Moving Company: A full service local moving company will pack up your belongings and move them from your old house to your new house. They will even unload the moving truck and help you unpack as well if you want.
  • Self Service Moving Company: In order to reduce your moving costs, you can pack up your house on your own and hire a self service moving company. These types of moving companies come in and move your belongings to your new home after you have packed everything up. They will provide the moving vehicles.
  • Moving Assistance: Finally, if you are renting your own moving vehicle, you can hire a company that will just provide you with moving assistance. They will provide you with a specific number of movers to help you transport your belongings between your old and new house and your moving vehicle. You will be responsible for transporting the items.

In order to use this guide effectively, you'll need to think about how far you are moving and how much assistance you need moving. The more jobs you ask the moving company to do, the larger your moving bill will be.


16 July 2015

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