Think You Have Pests in Your Storage Unit? Find Out & Get Rid of Them


A good self storage facility should be able to offer you a temperature controlled unit, which can help control humidity and deter pests. But that does not mean your unit is completely safe from critters. This is especially true if you did not take the proper precautions before storing your items. There are a few things you can do if you suspect you have a pest problem. The following guide will help you gain control of your unit.

Signs of Pests

There are a few signs of an infestation. Look out for the following:

  • Suspicious dust-like particles, which could be insect droppings
  • Look for dead insect carcasses under your belongings or in the corners of your unit
  • Try to pay attention to the smell in your unit, and see if you can detect an oil-like smell
  • Pay attention to your natural fibers, wood, or paper items, as insects tend to feed off of them

You can also remove items from your storage unit and inspect them carefully to confirm your suspicions. At this point, you can talk to your self storage specialist about changing your unit or ask for suggestions. 

What Could Be Attracting Insects?

Make sure you are not creating the perfect breeding ground for insects with the items you have stored. Consider the following:

  1. Check to see if you have things stored in plastic containers or bags. Plastic tends to trap moisture, and insects crave water just as you do.
  2. Make sure you cleaned all articles of clothing with a scentless detergent. Scents attract insects, and dirty clothes may have insect-attracting stains. These stains could be oil-based or some time of organic matter. 
  3. Be sure that you have cleaned all your kitchen utensils, too.
  4. Store all clothes in cedar boxes. Cedar boxes contain natural cedar oil that should help keep insects away, as it contains substances like thujic acid. The ingredients in cedar oil give off an aroma that is simply too strong for insects and causes them to leave.

Additional Bug Repellent

Now that you have taken care of the issue, make sure it does not happen again by using diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth looks like nothing more than powder and is relatively cheap to purchase online or in your local health food store. This dust is actually made up of fossilized algae-like organisms. The reason that this powder is an effective bug repellant is they are knives or glass shards on a microscopic level. And insects simply cannot walk through the dust without getting hurt. 

Just sprinkle some of this dust around your unit, and your items should remain insect-free from now on.

As you can see, dealing with a mild infestation can be done, and you can also make sure it doesn't happen again. Talk to a self storage company like Centre Avenue Self-Storage for more suggestions.


16 June 2015

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